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Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions


Class Descriptions:

Mommy and Me – Interactive dance for toddler dancers and their parents. 

Adaptive Dance – Dance class for students of all ages with disabilities.  

Pre-K  – Beginning tap, ballet, and tumbling for those ages 3-5.  

Youth Combo – Intro to lyrical and jazz. Beginner dancers that have aged out of the pre-k classes. 

Level 1 ballet –  beginning ballet students with 2 or less years of dance. Focus on barre work.  

Youth Tumbling – Beginning tumblers will work on forward / back rolls, cartwheels, double cartwheels, backbends, back bend walks, front / back limbers, round-offs, one-handed skills and partner tricks.

Junior Combo – Dancers will learn intermediate jazz, lyrical, and contemporary styles.  

Level 2 ballet – For students with 2-4 years of ballet experience.  Focus on barre and floor work.  

Junior Technique – For students interested in competing to learn intermediate skills. 

Intermediate Tumbling – To participate in this class, you must be able to pull up a backbend.  Will work on cartwheel variations, front / back limbers, front / back walkovers, front / back handsprings, elbow stands, chest stands, one-handed skills, and partner tricks.  

Teen Combo – For students with 4 years of experience to learn contemporary, lyrical, and jazz styles.  

Level 3 ballet – For intermediate/advanced level students.  

Teen Technique – For students interested in competing to learn more advanced skills.  

Senior Combo – Dancers will learn advanced contemporary and lyrical.  

Level 4 ballet – For advanced dancers with prior dance experience. 

Senior Technique – Advanced leaps and turns.  

Power Tumbling – Advanced level tumbling class.  Skills include front / back handsprings, round-off back handspring, one-handed back handsprings, back tucks, aerial cartwheels, front aerials, handstand walks, and partner tricks.

Yoga (both junior and teen) – combines physical exercises, mental meditation, and breathing techniques to strengthen muscles and relieve stress.  Prior dance experience is not required for any hip hop, poms, or yoga class. Competition Dancers Must Take Ballet and Technique throughout the dance season! Ages for classes is recommended.  BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR MOMMY & ME CLASSES!!!

Suggested ages:

Mommy and Me: Ages 24 months – 40 months

Adaptive: All ages

Pre-K: Ages 3-5

Youth: Ages 5-7

Junior: Ages 8 – 11

Teen: Ages 12 – 13

Senior: Ages 14 and up

Dance Shoes:


Black Tap Shoes (either tie or velcro)  

Pink Leather Ballet Shoes


Black Velcro OR Lace Up Tap Shoes

Pink Ballet Shoes (any brand – Level 1 Ballet)

Turners (nude color – used for youth combo)

Tennis Shoes (plain white – used for hip hop and poms) 


Black Lace Up Tap Shoes

Pink Ballet Shoes (any brand – Level 2 Ballet)

Turners (nude color – used for junior combo)

Tennis Shoes (used for hip hop)


Black & White Lace Up Tap Shoes (ordered through studio)

Pink Ballet Shoes (any brand – Level 3 & 4 Ballet)

Turners (nude color – used for teen and senior combo)

Tennis Shoes (hip hop)

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