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Covid-19 Mandates

Covid-19 Mandates

For those who choose to participate in 2020 classes, there will be procedures that must be followed: 

1 – All teachers will be wearing masks

2 – All dancers age junior and above must wear masks

3 – Before entering dance room, must apply hand sanitizer

4 – Will allow for social distancing within classroom

5 – No one is allowed to wait in the lobby – no parents, siblings, etc., in the building

6 – Room 1 dancers must use the restroom on the Left 

7 – If you dance in room 2 – you will enter through the small room door 

8 – Room 2 dancers must use the restroom on the Right

9 – Food is NOT allowed. You may bring a water bottle

10 – Prefer payments to be made through Venmo:


Thank you for being patient.  COVID mandates are starting to change, we are doing our best to stay as updated and safe as possible.

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