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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Dance Attire:

Students are required to wear proper clothing and dance shoes to class each week.  PreK, Youth Dancers and ALL Ballet students are required to wear a leotard (any color, any style) to class.  Junior – Senior students may wear sports bra, tank top, booty shorts, and leggings.  Baggie shirts, shorts, and jeans are not acceptable.  Hip Hop students may wear street clothing and tennis shoes.  If a student consistently wears improper clothing, they will NOT be allowed to participate in classes.


If your child participates in classes for 2 months and lesson fees are not received, your child will NOT be allowed to continue lessons until full payment is received.  If you drop off your child and leave, we will call you to come collect your child, who will be sitting in the lobby. 

Social Media:

Dance Factory will be implementing social media guidelines.  If these guidelines are consistently broken, the studio owner will be speaking to the family regarding consequences, including removal from classes.  

  1. Never post information, inappropriate or incriminating photos or language, or about lying, and cheating.
  2. Never post profane or inappropriate language or remarks directed towards teammates, coaches, staff, or their family members.
  3. Never partake in bullying or threats of violence.
  4. “Liking”, “Retweeting”, or “Sub-Tweeting” inappropriate content is not permitted under any circumstances.  
  5. Moms, dads, dancers – social media is not the place to discuss your issues with other parents, kids or instructors. We expect all Dance Factory members to display decorum at all times.
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